Product Update: Protocol Manager

We introduced BrainCheck’s protocols feature to help clinicians to simplify and customize cognitive assessments they use with their patients. Our latest update adds functionality to this feature, allowing customers to create multiple protocols within the platform.

Why Customize Cognitive Assessments?

The protocols feature of the BrainCheck platform has been very helpful for clinicians. Creating a custom protocol allows the administrator to line up a series of assessments and screeners to streamline the process for the clinic and patient.

With this latest update, practices can now create a range of custom protocols for a variety of patients and situations, further simplifying the process.

Creating and Managing Protocols in BrainCheck

Locating the Protocol Manager

When logging in to the testing portal, customers will now see an icon and button to access the Protocols Manager.


Creating Custom Protocols

The process to create a new protocol remains mostly the same. On the right, administrators can see a summary of the selected battery and screeners.

Within each section, the order of the screeners can be adjusted. However, each protocol requires the sections to occur in order, starting with the chosen battery and ending with technician administered screeners.

Adding screeners to custom protocl

Using the app? Update to the latest version to access Protocol Manager.

Naming Custom Protocols

Now that the BrainCheck app supports multiple protocols, it’s important to give each a unique name. We suggest creating names based on the target test-takers and clinical application.

Using Custom Protocols

Once the protocol is saved, it can be launched from the patient profile.

Protocol assignment location on a patient profile


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