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Providers and health systems using BrainCheck to provide comprehensive cognitive care

Why do enterprise health systems and providers choose BrainCheck? To quickly and easily assess patients’ cognitive function. To detect cognitive impairment sooner. To provide better cognitive care for their patients — and get reimbursed for it. And maybe one day, to help providers prevent or cure the causes of cognitive impairment. 

Learn more about why our customers chose BrainCheck below.

Primary Care Providers

Physician showing a patient a digital cognitive assessment

Jeffrey Ogden, MD | Achieve Health

Dr. Ogden chose BrainCheck to use for annual patient assessments in his preventative medicine practice because his patients like it — and because the platform helped him address cognitive concerns sooner.

Achieve Health Case Study »

Senior male doctor using tablet computer while discussing with another doctor at the hospital. Medical healthcare staff and doctor service.

Neurology Providers

Dr. Brian L. Seymore

Comprehensive Neurology Care

Dr. Brian Seymore chose BrainCheck for his neurology practice because it’s faster for his patients, easier for his technicians, provides easy to read reports, and consistently reimbursed.

Latest Case Studies

For Hospitals & Practices of Any Size, BrainCheck Supports Comprehensive Cognitive Care, Anywhere.

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