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Used in over 400 Neurology, Primary Care, and Geriatrics Practices

Used in over 400 Neurology, Primary Care, and Geriatrics Practices

See How BrainCheck Improves Patient Care and Adds Revenue

Real-world results from our most recent quality improvement study at a major regional health system.

Rapid, Reliable Cognitive Health Technology

Watch this short video which explains how BrainCheck is being used by clinicians in private practice as well as in large enterprise health systems.

Reference: Livingston G., et al. Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020 report of the Lancet Commission. The Lancet 2020;396(10248)413-446 doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(20)30367-6

Benefits of BrainCheck

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  • All-in-One
  • In-clinic and remote administration
  • Medicare reimbursable
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Health Systems

  • Easy to deploy
  • Integrates with EHR
  • HL7 compliant
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Patients & Caregivers

  • Simple and interactive
  • Earlier detection
  • Backed by science
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Comprehensive Cognitive and Behavioral Health Assessment

Advanced modular platform designed for everyday clinical use, with gold-standard cognitive and behavioral health assessments

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Neurocognitive Screening for Early Detection
Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support

Detailed reporting across cognitive domains helps providers choose appropriate next steps and referral pathways

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Cognitive Care Planning

A range of tools to help physicians, patients, and caregivers streamline cognitive care management, which has been shown to slow progression of cognitive impairment and improve quality of life

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Cognitive Assessment,
Clinical Decision Support,
Cognitive Care Management,
and More

Cognitive Assessment, Clinical Decision Support, and Cognitive Care Management
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What Clinicians Say About BrainCheck

“You can tell BrainCheck really puts an emphasis on the platform’s ease of use. The tests are easier for patients to understand and easier for staff to remember.”
Bruce Taylor, MD
Bruce E. Taylor, MD
Taylor Internal Medicine
“[With BrainCheck], not only can I track the overall scores, but I can track the individual components of those scores [for each cognitive domain].”
Shere Catoe, DNP, APRN,
Carolina Behavioral Healthcare
“We found that, number one, patients thought [BrainCheck] was really cool. And number two, we found [cognitive] issues that people would deny.”
Jeffrey Ogden, MD
Jeffrey Ogden, MD
Achieve Health

We’re passionate about cognitive health

BrainCheck brings together neuroscientists, data scientists, technology experts, and more — as well as over 20 years of scientific research — to help providers deliver high-quality, personalized cognitive care to patients everywhere.

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Administer frictionless cognitive assessments & care for your patients, remotely or in-clinic.

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