BrainCheck Showcases Latest Innovations at American Medical Group Association Annual Conference

Company’s clinically proven 3-minute screening tool and standard battery empower clinicians to screen, assess, and monitor cognitive function on any internet-connected device

AUSTIN, Texas, April 9, 2024 – BrainCheck, Inc., a digital health innovator delivering next-generation technology into the growing digital cognitive assessment market, will showcase its comprehensive cognitive assessment platform, including its latest innovation, Screen™, in booth #202 at the American Medical Group Association (AMGA) Annual Conference from April 9-12 in Orlando, FL. Chelsea Dugan, Vice President of Marketing, and members of the BrainCheck team will attend the event to share BrainCheck’s latest technology with medical groups and health system executives nationwide.

“As many as 7 million adults in the U.S. currently have mild cognitive impairment; without intervention, nearly 30% of these patients could go on to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s disease[i] – underscoring the importance of establishing a baseline, early detection, and effective management strategies,” said Kim Rodriguez, CEO of BrainCheck.

Expertly designed with patients in mind, BrainCheck’s clinically proven platform offers a comprehensive digital solution, streamlining screening, assessment, care planning, and monitoring. It is the only solution of its kind that allows digital cognitive testing on any internet-connected device – including phones, tablets, and browsers – regardless of the patient or clinician’s location.

“BrainCheck’s technology has transformed the way we assess patients’ cognitive health in our practice,” said Eric R. Penniman, D.O., Executive Medical Director, Summit Medical Group. “With Screen, checking cognitive function is simple and we are able to more easily establish medical necessity for patients who might benefit from further testing. Together with BrainCheck’s standard battery, Assess™, we’re able to quickly and confidently evaluate patients’ cognition and track results over time. BrainCheck’s technology has not only improved efficiency at our facility, it is helping us elevate our standard of care.”

In as little as three minutes, Screen empowers providers to accurately and efficiently measure patients’ cognition and determine whether further cognitive testing may be needed with BrainCheck’s standard battery, Assess.[ii] Assess is a FDA Class II medical device that easily and objectively detects signs of cognitive impairment, which may have association with dementias including Alzheimer’s disease.[iii],[iv]

“Studies have shown the pathology of Alzheimer’s disease begins many years and even decades before memory loss or other clinical symptoms develop, and diagnosis is often substantially delayed. Early detection of cognitive impairment is key to unlocking opportunities to preserve patients’ brain health,” said Reza Ghomi, MD, MSE, neuropsychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer at BrainCheck. “BrainCheck makes it easy for clinicians to establish a baseline for patients’ cognition, with rapid, reliable resources to support accurate assessments, stratify individual risk, and deliver actionable insights that can help preserve patient brain health – all while improving operational workflow and increasing practice revenue.”

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