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Clinical Decision Support

BrainCheck gives providers an objective measure of their patients’ cognitive health. Clinically validated in a number of studies, our algorithms instantly provide scores for overall and domain-level performance. And our detailed clinical reports offer additional insight to providers, supporting their diagnostic decisions.

Get Comprehensive and Domain-Specific Insight

BrainCheck CQ™ Composite Score​

The BrainCheck CQ™ composite score provides an overall view of patients’ cognitive health using a patented algorithm based on our extensive research into each assessment. Using scaled and weighted assessment scores, BrainCheck CQ™ scores range from 0 to 200. ​

Individual Cognitive Domain Scores​

In addition to the composite score, the platform offers insight from individual scores for each assessment, mapping specific cognitive impairments to areas where patients are likely to struggle with activities of daily living.​

BrainCheck CQ™ Composite Score
0 –  0

Gain Perspective from Established Baselines

Scored Based on Normative Data

Scored Based on Normative Data

Both the composite score and the individual domain scores use BrainCheck’s normative database, which accounts for scoring differences based on a patient’s age and sex, as well as the device used for the assessment.

Tracks Patient history and Performance

Tracks Patient Performance

The BrainCheck platform offers additional context to providers by tracking assessment history. Comparing scores over time — overall and for each domain — offers helpful data that can be used to determine how cognitive function has changed, how interventions have performed, and more.

Review Detailed Reports and Recommendations

Percentile Ranking

On the BrainCheck clinical report, percentile rankings provide insight into overall performance and for each domain, ranging from superior to very low. These rankings are derived using BrainCheck’s normative database.

Likelihood of Impairment

Domain impressions use scaled scores to give providers an indication of the likelihood of cognitive impairment: likely, possible, or unlikely. These impressions are also derived using BrainCheck’s normative database.

Recommended Next Steps

The BrainCheck clinical report provides recommendations based on patients’ scores. These recommendations can include cognitive care planning, further workup, referral to a specialist, and more.

Detailed clinical Reports and Recommendations

Latest Insights

Disclaimer: BrainCheck Assessment is a computerized cognitive assessment aid. THIS DEVICE IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE A DEFINITIVE DIAGNOSIS AND SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON TO DIAGNOSE ANY SPECIFIC DISEASE OR CONDITION. IT IS AN AID IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT, IS NOT A STAND ALONE DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE AND SHOULD BE CONFIRMED BY OTHER TESTING. Nothing in the Assessment, CQ™ Report, or CQ™ Score should be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis of any disease or condition by a qualified health provider. Please use BrainCheck Assessment with the intended use population and in the intended use environment. Reference our clinical user guide for more information.


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