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Advanced Digital Cognitive Assessment

When screening tools indicate possible cognitive concerns — or when patients have subjective memory complaints — the BrainCheck platform helps providers quickly and accurately assess cognitive function. With standard and customizable cognitive assessment batteries, support for multiple languages, and remote testing capabilities, the BrainCheck platform can help providers increase access to important cognitive care.

Our Standard Cognitive Assessment Battery

Immediate and Delayed Recognition tests


The Immediate and Delayed Recognition tests assesses patients' ability to recognize items that previously appeared immediately after being prompted and after a time delay. These tests predominantly determine function in the temporal lobe, as well as in the frontal, parietal, and occipital lobes.

neuropsychological tests


Trail Making A & B are established neuropsychological tests that measure visual search speed, scanning, processing speed, mental flexibility, and executive functioning. These tests provide insight into cognitive function in the frontal lobe, and also in the parietal and occipital lobes.

tests to assess executive function

Executive Function

BrainCheck uses two well-established tests to assess executive function. The Digit-Symbol Substitution test measures processing speed and accuracy, and the Stroop Color and Word test measures reaction time required to overcome cognitive interference. These tests assess function primarily in the frontal lobe, as well as in the parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes.

Extended and Custom Assessment Batteries

BrainCheck Extended Battery

BrainCheck Extended Battery

The BrainCheck extended battery includes two additional assessments: the Flanker Test, which measures patients' reaction times and attention, and a proprietary coordination test, which measures patients' motor functions.

Custom Cognitive Assessment Protocols

Custom Cognitive Assessment Protocols

The BrainCheck Protocols Manager lets providers create custom cognitive assessment protocols designed for their patients and needs. Providers can choose which assessments and screening tools to include and the order in which to administer them.

Assess Patients from Anywhere with Remote Testing

Assess Patients from Anywhere with Remote Testing

Remote Assignment

Using the BrainCheck platform to administer remote cognitive assessments can expand access to cognitive care and protect vulnerable patients. Our platform lets providers assign assessments to patients with a BrainCheck login or with PIN code shared through email or text message.

Latest Insights

Disclaimer: BrainCheck Asses™ is a FDA Certified Class II Medical Device. THIS DEVICE IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE A DEFINITIVE DIAGNOSIS AND SHOULD NOT BE RELIED UPON TO DIAGNOSE ANY SPECIFIC DISEASE OR CONDITION. IT IS AN AID IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT, IS NOT A STAND ALONE DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE, AND SHOULD BE CONFIRMED BY OTHER TESTING. Nothing in the Assessment, CQ™ Report, or CQ™ Score should be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis of any disease or condition by a qualified health provider. Please use BrainCheck Assessment with the intended use population and in the intended use environment. Reference our clinical user guide for more information.


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