Shape the future of cognitive care.

We are looking for healthy volunteers to join us in our research. Help us develop better cognitive health services to meet the needs of patients, partners, and providers.

Managing dementia

Currently enrolling

Collecting Cognitive Data for BrainCheck.

As an ongoing effort to continuously improve the quality of BrainCheck’s cognitive assessments, we are looking for healthy volunteers to take our assessment.

Alongside taking our assessment, we will collect basic medical history and information about you. All this data will be kept private and confidential and will not be shared without your permission except as required by law.  

The purpose for this study is to collect data from generally healthy individuals to improve BrainCheck’s cognitive assessments.

We are looking for individuals 50 years of age or older and is generally healthy without neurological conditions or any condition that may affect your memory. 

You will be asked to complete the BrainCheck assessment along with a few short screeners and questionnaires. All this will take approximately 1 hour in person at one of our testing locations. 

Compensation will be allocated for your time and effort and be valued at $20 for completing a session.

We are currently enrolling participants in the following locations:
Houston, TX
Austin, TX
Seattle, WA

Why participate in research?

Your voice matters.

Drive cognitive research forward

Take the BrainCheck assessment and contribute to our normative database. Your input helps to develop a better scientific understanding of cognitive health issues.

Improve Our Cognitive Health Platform

Provide direct feedback to help us improve our cognitive care tools, used by over 400 clinical practices to assess and treat cognitive health concerns.

Represent your community

We're looking for volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Clinical trials and recruitment efforts must lead to a better representation of the entire population, so everyone benefits from advances in research.

Join our research community.

Sign up for our research registry to get notified about upcoming studies and enrollment details.

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