Cognitive Care Planning

Cognitive care planning and care management are new, recommended services developed in partnership by the Alzheimer’s Association and CMS. These services enable caregivers to normalize to a particular level of deficit and focus on areas where patients need support, prolonging independence.

The BrainCheck platform’s cognitive care management tools streamline data collection to help providers deliver personalized interventions that can lead to preservation of activities of daily living and decrease frustration for patients and caregivers.

Simplifies Patient, Family, and Physician Input

Patient Modules

Cognitive care planning–specific screening tools built into the BrainCheck platform help patients and providers determine specific cognitive and behavioral concerns, as well as areas of difficulty in patients’ daily lives.

Caregiver Identification & Needs Assessment

The caregiver survey modules included in the BrainCheck platform are designed to identify where the caregiver may need education and support to better care for the patient. Additionally, these modules can provide further insight into the severity of patients' cognitive impairment.

Comprehensive Care Planning Protocol

A comprehensive care planning protocol facilitates data input and streamlines workflows, making it easy for patients, caregivers, and providers.

Supports Personalized Intervention

Medication Review and Reconciliation​

Cognitive care planning with the BrainCheck platform facilitates medication review and reconciliation, as certain medications and combinations of medications can cause or worsen the symptoms of cognitive impairment.

Behavior-based Interventions

Our clinical-decision support algorithms may suggest personalized behavior-based interventions based on the patient’s unique cognitive and behavioral profile. These suggestions are based on the nine modifiable risk factors in the groundbreaking FINGER study.

Easily Shared With Patients

Care Plan Reporting

Synthesizing provider, patient, and caregiver inputs, the BrainCheck platform personalizes each patient’s care plan with automatic treatment plan recommendations for providers, as well as a list of interactive tools and resources for patient and caregiver support.

Ongoing Assessment and Updates

Cognitive care plans should be updated as a patient’s cognitive function changes over time. The BrainCheck platform tracks assessment history to help providers, patients, and caregivers monitor progress and update care plans accordingly.

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