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BrainCheck® CARE™

Streamlined Cognitive Care Planning for Clinicians

BrainCheck® CARE™ Plans help providers deliver personalized care to patients post-diagnosis.

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BrainCheck® CARE™ makes cognitive care planning simple, intuitive, fast, and reimbursable. 

Why is cognitive care planning important?

Dementing illnesses present formidable challenges for the patient, family, and physician. Changes in relationships, life planning, safety, economic impact, supervision needs, and caregiver availability may dominate the family’s mind.

Meanwhile, physicians must provide ongoing medical management for cognitive decline and other medical conditions while guiding the patient and family through the disease progression.

Cognitive care planning has emerged as a critical, and reimbursable, tool in guiding the patient and family through the challenging stages of cognitive decline.

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Streamlined Cognitive Care

BrainCheck® CARE™ helps clinicians build, document, and deliver a comprehensive care plan for patients with cognitive decline, post-diagnosis.
Data collection is is streamlined into intuitive modules for patients, providers, and caregivers and automated documentation ensures reimbursement confidence.

Streamlined Cognitive Care Plan by BrainCheck

Reasons to Provide a CARE™ Plan

Early recognition of impairment and intervention for modifiable risk factors may prevent or delay progression of dementing illnesses.

Recognition of caregiver stress, safety risks, and end-of-life preferences are critical factors in preserving quality of life and ability to maintain independent living as long as safely possible.

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Streamlined cognitive care planning for your practice.

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Product Features

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Patient Identification

Formal diagnosis of cognitive impairment establishes the medical necessity for providing a care plan. 

If the results of a patient’s BrainCheck assessment suggest likely impairment, a CARE™ Plan is automatically recommended. 

Patient, Provider, and Caregiver Input Modules

Cognitive care planning components are built into the BrainCheck platform, as intuitive input modules. BrainCheck CARE™ synthesizes the information providers need to identity specific cognitive concerns and areas of difficulty in patients’ daily lives and address them together with the family, prolonging patient independence.

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Easily Share CARE™ Plans with Patients & Family

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Synthesizing provider, patient, and caregiver inputs, the BrainCheck platform personalizes each patient’s care plan with automatic treatment plan recommendations for providers, as well as a list of interactive tools and resources for patient and caregiver support.

Streamlined cognitive care planning for your practice.

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Disclaimer: BrainCheck CARE™ is a service within the BrainCheck CORTEX™ platform that streamlines information collection and generates personalized reports that healthcare providers may review, modify and use as a resource when proposing a plan of care to patients and families. A CARE™ Plan is not a diagnostic, medical advice, or a stand-alone care plan. It is intended to be used by healthcare providers to aid in collecting and documenting patient information, and producing a written plan of care. CARE™ Plans are utilized only at the discretion of the provider. It is the provider’s responsibility to review any documents collected or produced in BrainCheck CARE™ and determine in what capacity and to what extent they should be used as a resource in the care of any patient.

BrainCheck® CARE™

Help patients and Families through cognitive decline.

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