Our team

The BrainCheck team

BrainCheck started with a great founder and has grown into an all-star team that brings together the best of business, science, technology, and customer service. We’re constantly crafting a better product by testing it in the field and transforming our findings into useful products and features.

David Eagleman

Founder & CSO

Dr. David Eagleman is a visionary leader in the field of neuroscience. He currently teaches at Stanford University and heads the Center for Science and Law. In addition to receiving numerous awards and recognition for his academic research and work, David is a New York Times best-selling author, a TED speaker, and the creator and host of the PBS series The Brain. He is a sought-after speaker renowned for his knack of making science accessible to everyone.

Yael Katz


Yael brings her expertise in entrepreneurship, neuroscience, and big data to BrainCheck. Yael was vice president at JW Player, a pioneering video technology company in New York City, leading marketing, strategy, and operations from the early stages. Prior to that, she served as a management consultant at Campbell Alliance, a boutique life sciences firm.

Wendy Fong


Wendy is a performance-driven leader who has a proven track record for delivering results. She has over 13 years of healthcare experience, and most recently she was the associate vice president of operations and neurosciences at Memorial Hermann, the country’s largest accountable care organization. Wendy holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in international business from the University of Georgia and a Master of Business Administration from the Jones School of Business at Rice University.

Jose Azuara

Product Designer

Jose is a graphic and product designer with a passion for branding and UI/UX systems. He previously worked for a business accelerator where he helped design an online portal to help small- to medium-size businesses access and adopt new technologies. Jose has also developed branding for clients with a nationwide presence in Mexico and the U.S. — from logo identity to marketing collateral, web design, and illustration.

Bassel Samman

Senior Developer

A natural problem solver, Bassel has helped numerous small businesses build new products and bring them to market. His core expertise are backend web development, security, and infrastructure. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in computer science. When not knee-deep in code, Bassel is lost in his curiosity, tinkering and hacking away. He always finds something to fix, enhance or create.

David Meinrath

Junior Developer

Roberto Pena

Senior Developer

Roberto has been making games since he was a kid. He currently spends his days as an app developer and his evenings as a game designer. But once upon a time, Roberto managed online communications, including a visual identity revamp and a web redesign, for a global innovation and entrepreneurship program in the World Bank Group. He also did performance-driven, KPI-oriented communications stuff for clients in health and government.

Kyle Fitzpatrick


Kyle is a software developer who loves a challenge. He is a University of Houston – Clear Lake alumnus who brings his four years of development experience from the oil and gas industry to BrainCheck. When he isn’t spending time with family and friends, Kyle finds new problems to solve and avenues to study.

Josh Ruben

Project Manager

Josh’s career began at the age of 5 when he opened a museum that featured three-dimensional puzzles, Kinect creations and LEGO structures. As a kid, Josh spent most of his time dabbling in entrepreneurship, starting a variety of profitable side businesses like Cleveland’s best lemonade stand, an e-commerce site for beer collectors, and a lawn care service. Today, he is still passionate about startups and loves solving difficult problems.

Benjamin Flores

Clinical Coordinator

Benjamin brings a unique background of sport performance and athletic training to BrainCheck. Previously, he worked in the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Department of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation as a graduate assistant. During his time in Hawaii, he helped organize and implement concussion testing in all public high school athletics departments throughout the islands. The data collected from this initiative sparked a research collaboration that led to the passing of Hawaii’s concussion law (House Bill 2273).

Niha Pereira

Data Scientist

Niha is a multi-disciplinary problem solver who is as equally passionate about brain health as she is about data science. As a data analyst at BrainCheck, she helps translate data into insights. Niha earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Baylor University, then her master’s in applied cognition and neuroscience at The University of Texas at Dallas. Niha is also an accomplished cellist who has performed solo and with various ensembles since she was in middle school. In her spare time, she enjoys solving programming challenges, reading outside, and practicing vinyasa yoga.

Isabella Smith


Isabella is a high school senior at Houston’s St. Agnes Academy. She is currently taking a gap year to recover from a concussion and to learn more about identifying and treating brain injuries. Isabella has been a competitive swimmer with Rice University Aquatics for the past nine years and looks forward to a collegiate swim career.

Sasha Davenport

Strategic Partnership Advisor

Sasha incorporated her first business as an undergrad in New York City where she studied neuroscience and law. As a grad student, she worked in neurogenesis and neuroimaging labs, and started a think tank studying the neuroscience of warfare that resulted in an invitation to present findings at the United States Military Academy. As senior research fellow in the laboratory of Dr. David Eagleman at Baylor College of Medicine…

Fernanda Cantu

Marketing Manager

Fernanda is a writer who enjoys helping people connect with brands. She earned her B.A. in communication from the University of Texas at San Antonio, then went on to work as a copywriter at PCCA, where she used her content marketing and digital expertise to connect patients with personalized medicine. Fernanda is a member of PRSA, an ACES member, and a die-hard Ann Wylie fan. She currently lives in Houston with her dog, Oliver.