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To view previous test results, upgrade to premium. Enterprise and Personal Plan users, however, can view past test results by logging into our

If you need to exit the test at any time, tap “Cancel Test” in the bar at the top of the screen. Cancelling the test will erase all data collected for that session, and mark the test as incomplete on your dashboard. Confirm the choice by choosing “Cancel Test,” or choose “Resume Test” if the button was tapped accidentally.

BrainCheck Sport’s default language is English. However, you can also choose to take the test in Spanish. After choosing “Take Test,” tap the word “Español” in the bar on the top of the screen. To switch back, tap “English.”

El idioma por defecto de BrainCheck Sport es inglés. Sin embargo, también puede optar por tomar el examen en español. Después de elegir “Take Test”, toque la palabra “Español” en la barra en la parte superior de la pantalla. Para cambiar de nuevo, toque “English.”

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