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Who we are

Founded in 2015 by neuroscientists and technologists Dr. David Eagleman and Dr. Yael Katz, BrainCheck helps reduce the human and economic toll of cognitive impairment and dementia through its interactive cognitive assessment and cognitive care planning technology.

Hundreds of hospitals and clinical practices use the BrainCheck platform, to help thousands of patients live better and safer lives at home, to decrease caregiver frustration, and to save health systems trillions of dollars.

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone has access to insight about their cognitive function. Where cognitive changes are detected early, and where diseases like Alzheimer’s and other dementias are preventable and treatable. A world without cognitive impairment.


Yael Katz, PhD

Yael Katz, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Yael Katz, PhD, is a Northwestern- and Princeton-trained neuroscientist with a strong analytics background. Yael brings proven scientific and business leadership to BrainCheck, raising $12 million in venture capital, overseeing the development and commercialization of the company’s cognitive assessment and care platform, and cultivating a top-notch team with offices in Houston and Austin.

David Eagleman, PhD

David Eagleman, PhD

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. David Eagleman is a visionary leader in the neuroscience field. He currently teaches at Stanford University and heads the Center for Science and Law. In addition to receiving numerous awards for his academic research and work, David is a New York Times best-selling author, a TED speaker, and the creator and host of the Emmy-nominated PBS series, The Brain.

Reza Hosseini Ghomi, MD

Reza Hosseini Ghomi, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Reza Hosseini Ghomi is a practicing neuropsychiatrist, focused on neurodegenerative disorders. In addition to serving as Chief Medical Officer at BrainCheck, he is faculty of the University of Washington department of neurology and Institute for Neuroengineering. Reza received his MD from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, has post-graduate training in psychiatry and neurology, and holds an MSE in biomedical and electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Jordan Weinstein, MBA

Chief Revenue Officer

Jordan Weinstein has been working in startups for more than 20 years. He has a BA and MBA from Duke University, and has experience in a wide range of industries including eCommerce, SaaS and Healthcare. His focus is on building and scaling sales teams and strategies.

Josh Lipton

Vice President of Product

Josh Lipton has experience in product and technology leadership tracing back to the earliest days of the consumer web. He co-founded an early e-commerce marketplace, played a pivotal role building and leading product teams for a successful sharing economy and on-demand services startup, and has additional startup experience in health tech.

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Joining BrainCheck means being part of a diverse and inclusive team of smart, driven professionals making a difference in the lives of millions of people suffering from cognitive impairment.
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