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BrainCheck is the result of 20 years of research conducted at the Eagleman Laboratory for Perception and Action at the Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. David Eagleman has been studying and creating reliable, noninvasive ways to understand the inner workings of the brain and assess brain function with innovative neurocognitive testing.

For a long time, doctors and scientists relied on standard pencil-and-paper tests to measure brain health. But modern technology enables us to bring these tests into the 21st century and offer people everywhere easy, affordable access to their brain health data right from wherever they are.

BrainCheck’s goal is to help you understand what’s happening in your brain. When you use one of our products, you can log your cognitive health data and track changes in your performance over time. You can also see how you compare with others in the U.S. Whatever your concern, we encourage you to use your data to have productive conversations with your physician about your brain health.

BrainCheck empowers everyday people with data and empowers scientists to innovate.

Dr. David Eagleman

Our founder, Dr. David Eagleman, is a visionary leader in the field of neuroscience. He currently teaches at Stanford University and heads the Center for Science and Law. In addition to receiving numerous awards and recognition for his academic research and work, Eagleman is a New York Times best-selling author, a TED speaker, and the creator and host of the PBS series The Brain. He is a sought-after speaker renowned for his knack of making science accessible to everyone.

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We’re happy to call the Texas Medical Center Accelerator, TMCx, our home. TMCx offers us access to the facilities, resources, and network of the world’s largest medical center, including: an all-star network of advisors, unprecedented clinical access, a collaborative research and healthcare ecosystem, and a newly renovated office space. TMCx helps life science and digital health startups, like BrainCheck, transform scientific innovations into tangible tools that can help save lives, manage health and improve quality of life.

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