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BrainCheck is a mobile, neurocognitive test, that can detect cognitive changes over time. Our assessments test multiple cognitive domains in under 10 minutes, and delivers results on the spot. BrainCheck has instructions and practice examples, and is designed so that anyone can take the test. BrainCheck is available in both English and Spanish, and can be administered on iPhone, iPad or any desktop computer.

BrainCheck is not meant to diagnose concussions. BrainCheck will give you a snapshot of how your brain is working in several different areas of brain health, called “cognitive domains.”

BrainCheck’s assessments are randomized each time a test is taken – no person will ever get the exact same test. This means that BrainCheck tests cannot be memorized or cheated on. Should a score fall outside of normal range, the result of that particular assessment will be flagged with an exclamation point, allowing both the test taker and administrators to identify potential problems.

BrainCheck can be used by anyone who wants to know more about their cognitive health. For accurate results, we recommend that the test should not be taken by any child younger than ten.

No. BrainCheck has instructions and practice examples, so anyone can take the tests on their own.

Only you and those whom you allow to view your information can view your health records. All of the information BrainCheck collects is encrypted and stored on secure, HIPAA-compliant servers. Because we are dedicated to improving our understanding of concussions and the brain, we use the wealth of information in our database to discover new correlations. Your privacy is the most important thing to us, so the data we use in our analytics will always be anonymous and never tied to your name.

After you take a baseline test, you can see how your brain health compares to BrainCheck’s normative database of over 10,000 users. If there is a concern, you can see how your brain health has changed by comparing your recent scores to your baseline test.

If you create an account as a free user, you can always upgrade to a paid account simply by clicking the “Upgrade Plan” button in the Web App. If you want to upgrade to an organization account, please contact us at support@braincheck.com.

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