When it comes to memory loss,early detection is key

We believe that keeping track of your brain health shouldn’t be something that’s restricted to a few. It should be for everyone. That’s why we built BrainCheck Memory – so individuals, families, caregivers and doctors can be aware of changes in their cognitive health early and take action together.

We did this by combining three key variables: neuroscience, accessibility and technology.


It's in everything we do
Developed by leading neuroscientists at Baylor College of Medicine, BrainCheck Memory enables people to measure and track their cognitive health in less than 10 minutes, and view their results on the spot.


Use BrainCheck Memory anytime, anywhere
Just like taking a person's temperature or checking their blood pressure at home, we believe that everyone should have access to their brain health. With BrainCheck Memory, people can take tests from the privacy of their own home, get results on the spot, and share results with family, caregivers or physicians.


We use our love for it to fuel awareness and improve communication
Our technology platform allows families, caregivers and physicians to collaborate on care for the whole individual – body and brain.

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