Remote Care for Dementia During and After COVID

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves throughout the US and the world, older adults — particularly those suffering from dementia — continue to be at risk. 

A more vulnerable population in general during any crisis, adults over age 65 have been especially affected by COVID-19, with a mortality rate that jumps from a range of 0.2% to 1.3% in adults under 60 to 8% for adults ages 70 to 79, and 14.8% for those 80 or older.1 

Understanding this significant risk means that even as states begin to reopen and relax regulations, the elderly remain the most susceptible to complications and death from the virus.

Individuals With Dementia Face Additional Risks

With millions of older Americans suffering from dementia, the COVID-19 crisis gains an added layer of complexity. Unfortunately, many have limited access to accurate public health information. They may also have difficulty understanding information relayed to them about precautions such as wearing masks, handwashing practices, and physical distancing. 

Those who live alone or in nursing homes may depend on in-person visits for emotional support. However, these interactions remain largely restricted or even banned in the interest of limiting virus spread. This limited socialization has led to loneliness and withdrawal in dementia patients, and elevated stress for staff and caregivers.

Remote Assessment and Care Remain Essential

To ensure appropriate care and support for those with dementia during and after the pandemic, remote care for dementia is critical to reducing stress and confusion. 

BrainCheck’s reimbursable remote cognitive testing allows clinicians to continue assessing patients’ cognitive health, which in turn promotes continuity of care. Our platform enables physicians to perform neurocognitive assessments safely and effectively, eliminating unnecessary risk of transmitting COVID-19.

By helping protect the most vulnerable population while maintaining the highest standard of care, BrainCheck delivers essential clinical outreach to evaluate dementia patients and track their results. 

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Wang, Huali, et al. (2011) Dementia care during COVID-19. The Lancet. Vol. 395 (10231), 1190-1191.

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