Transforming cognitive healthcare, BrainCheck attracts top-tier press coverage

Recently, BrainCheck has had a surge in press coverage. TechCruch interviewed CEO and co-founder Dr. Yael Katz about the company’s traction and vision for the future of cognitive healthcare. PitchBook named BrainCheck its company of the week. News of  our successful $8M Series A funding appeared in the Houston Business Journal, MobiHealthNews, The Wall Street Journal, and Fortune, among other leading publications.

We’re very proud to be getting so much attention, and we’re proud of why we’re getting it. 

Our solutions are helping people

“BrainCheck helps physicians deliver personalized interventions that are matched to each patient’s individual cognitive deficits,” says Dr. Katz. “That level of personalized care would be difficult — if not impossible — for doctors to deliver to every patient without our platform. It’s simply too time consuming.”

Currently, BrainCheck serves 200+ primary care and neurology practices and groups across the nation. Clinicians and APNs rely on our intuitive reports, and medical assistants administering the assessments count on our platform because patients and caregivers find it seamless and easy to use. And we maintain a constant dialog with our clients so we can improve and tailor our product to meet their needs. 

The urgent need for comprehensive cognitive healthcare

While this is an exciting time for our company, it’s also an important time for the healthcare industry.

“We’re providing a platform for patients, caregivers, and physicians to work together to manage one of the biggest public health crises of our time,” says Dr. David Eagleman, co-founder and chief science officer.

The U.S. has 50 million seniors at risk for dementia — and only 250,000 primary care doctors and 12,000 neurologists. Therefore, technology solutions such as BrainCheck are essential in enabling physicians to deliver high-quality cognitive care at scale.

BrainCheck assists primary care physicians and neurologists with assessing and analyzing patients’ cognitive functions, quickly and easily. Additionally, our solutions go beyond traditional cognitive assessments to support holistic, customized plans to help those patients preserve their independence.

“Our ultimate goal,” says Dr. Katz, ”is for our data to benefit not only current patients, but also future patients in the form of new drugs and treatment options.”

So, what’s next for BrainCheck’s cognitive healthcare solutions?

We’re growing very quickly. Every day, we’re adding hundreds of assessments to our database of over 100,000 cognitive assessments completed to date. Our world-class R&D team is constantly adding new capabilities and features to further improve our assessment and care management platform. And we’re building out our customer success teams so we can continue to support our customers as we grow. 

We’re just getting started.

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