Product Update: Protocols & Documentation Templates

We’re excited to announce two new features of the BrainCheck platform: Protocols and Documentation Templates. These features streamline test administration and simplify the documentation process, allowing you to spend that time focused on your patients’ needs, provide higher quality care — and get paid for it.

Integrate screeners seamlessly with BrainCheck Protocols

Our new Protocols feature allows clinical users to seamlessly administer screeners alongside cognitive testing. Testing protocols can be customized with validated psychological and behavioral screeners for depression (PHQ-9), anxiety (GAD-7), and more to gather additional insight into patients’ cognitive health.

Image of an Protocols example
Sample Protocol

Custom, integrated testing protocols can simplify your process and workflows, no longer requiring the test administrator and test taker to pass the device back and forth for every battery. Now, you can administer tests and screeners more efficiently and without having to disrupt the focus of the test taker. 

This feature is currently available by request. Email us or call 888.416.0004 to start using Protocols today!

Simplify Notetaking with BrainCheck Documentation Templates

Since CPT codes were changed last year, we’ve shared a lot of information on documentation requirements for CPT 96138 (neuropsychological test administration by a technician) and 96132 (neuropsychological test interpretation). We built the new Documentation Templates feature to help provide a basis for the documentation required for reimbursement.

A Documentation Template Example Image

BrainCheck Documentation Templates can be found in the Results and Reports section of the BrainCheck portal by expanding the row for any cognitive battery. Dynamically populated based on testing results, this feature allows you to easily copy and paste information about test administration and your interpretations into your EHR, saving you time in documenting visits.

Stay Up-to-Date to Access the Latest Features

We’re always improving our products to ensure you and your patients have the best experience possible. Make sure you always have the latest version of the BrainCheck testing platform by turning on automatic app updates.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided is general in nature and does not cover all situations or all payers’ rules and policies. This content is not intended to instruct medical providers on how to use or bill for healthcare procedures, including new technologies outside of Medicare national guidelines. Medical providers should consult with appropriate payers, including Medicare fiscal intermediaries and carriers, for specific information on proper coding, billing, and payment levels for healthcare procedures. This information represents no promise or guarantee by BrainCheck, Inc. concerning coverage, coding, billing, and payment levels. BrainCheck, Inc. specifically disclaims liability or responsibility for the results or consequences of any actions taken in reliance on this information.

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