Product Update: Easy Remote Cognitive Test Assignment

With increased need for and access to telemedicine, many BrainCheck customers now offer remote cognitive testing. And to simplify the process for test takers, our latest update lets clinical practices assign cognitive assessment batteries for patients to complete at home.

Assigning a Remote Assessment

Clinicians can assign a remote assessment from within the testing client. Go to the profile of the test taker who needs to complete an assessment. A new option for assigning a test will now appear at the top of the page. Test takers are not required to have an email address and password in the system.

Next, choose the reason for testing from the provided list and answer any necessary follow-up questions.

When a test has been assigned, a one-time, six-digit PIN will be available at the top of the page. The clinician will need to provide this PIN to the test taker.

If the clinician enters the reason for testing incorrectly or if the test taker has trouble with their assigned PIN, use the “Reassign” button to create a new PIN.

If test taker cancels a test for any reason, the clinician will need to assign the test again.

Easy Login for Remote Cognitive Testing

From the testing portal or on the BrainCheck app for iPad, test takers will press the “Remote Testing” button. For desktop users, a shortcut is also available on the homepage of

To log in, the test taker will enter his or her date of birth and the PIN provided by the clinician on the remote testing log in page.

Finally, once logged in, test takers can watch a brief video with instructions on how to complete the test.

When they feel ready, they will start the assessment by clicking “Begin Test.”

Adding Remote Cognitive Testing to Your Practice

Current BrainCheck customers can add simple remote cognitive testing assignments by contacting a member of our customer success team and schedule a demo. 

Contact our team to get started »

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