Case Study: Fast Digital Cognitive Assessment Cuts Testing Time in Half

Dr. Bruce Taylor, owner of Taylor Internal Medicine in Selma and Montgomery, Alabama, was in search of a fast digital cognitive assessment platform for his practice. The tool they had been using was proving to be too cumbersome for the staff and patients alike.

“We were starting to receive complaints from our patients,” says Taylor. “Our biggest frustration was the time it took to administer a test — not to mention it was also more difficult for our patients to understand.”

In March 2018, Taylor transitioned from that tool to BrainCheck’s fast digital cognitive assessment platform, with hopes of reducing the burden on his staff and patients.

Overcoming the Challenge with a Friendlier Solution

Getting started

Because the staff was accustomed to performing these types of tests, the transition to BrainCheck was seamless. “The platform we were using before BrainCheck was also digital,” Taylor says. “From a test administration standpoint, it made the switch easy for our MAs.”

Both patients and staff reported being happier with BrainCheck due to its ease of use.

Faster cognitive assessment means more time helping patients

The time it takes to administer a test has been reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes, freeing up staff to help more patients. “Due to the tests taking about half as long, it allows the techs to increase their throughput and also frees up their time to help with other areas of the practice,” explains Taylor.

Additional cost savings

Not only is the practice saving time with BrainCheck, but they’re also saving money. “It cost nearly double to administer a test with the previous technology,” adds Taylor. By switching to BrainCheck, Taylor Internal Medicine was able to save 50% in time spent administering tests and 50% in the cost of the software.

“You can tell the company really puts an emphasis on the ease of use. The tests are easier for patients to understand and easier to administer.”

Bruce Edward Taylor, MD
Taylor Internal Medicine

Fast Digital Cognitive Testing in Practice

The staff at Taylor Internal Medicine routinely surveys individuals who may be at high risk for memory loss. If they detect any concerns, the provider orders a cognitive assessment.

“We have MAs trained to administer the BrainCheck test,” Taylor explains. “Administering the test on an iPad — with the touchscreen — is much more intuitive and user-friendly, even for seniors who may not be technologically savvy.”

Test results are immediately available in the application. The provider then reviews those results with patients and caregivers, and decides which interventions may be necessary.

Providing objective measures of cognition can help patients and their families understand what is happening.

“People are often in denial about what’s going on with their loved ones,” says Taylor. “BrainCheck provides an objective way to communicate that impairment, giving us a chance to educate the patient and family at the same time.”

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