Case Study: New Cognitive Testing for Neurology Clinic Enhances Experience for Patients and Staff

In 2017, Comprehensive Neurology Care (CNC), a neurological care and testing center near Baltimore, Maryland, transitioned from its tedious, time-consuming cognitive testing platform onto BrainCheck’s neurocognitive assessment platform. Since this change, CNC benefits from a more efficient testing process, quicker patient visits, and a much happier staff.

No More Overly Complex Cognitive Testing for Neurology

Prior to implementing BrainCheck, CNC was using another well- known cloud-based software for cognitive testing, reporting and recommendations.

Paul Brennan, the head technician at CNC, soon discovered several roadblocks to those growth and revenue aspirations:

  1. The reports were long and cumbersome, making it difficult for the physicians to quickly get to the point of the concern and deficit.
  2. Feedback from the techs revealed that the tests were quite time-consuming to administer. “This was my biggest concern,” says Paul. “At times, it took our patients as long as an hour to complete the tests, and ultimately, it was exhausting for them.”
  3. The tests were inconsistent with reimbursement. “Oftentimes, there was no money being made,” he recounts. “I quickly realized the costs outweighed the benefits, so I began searching for a better solution.”

A Better Alternative

Paul first heard about BrainCheck through MedTrak VNG, a videonystagmography (VNG) and vestibular testing company. When he learned that BrainCheck’s assessments were rapid, reimbursable, and easy to administer, he decided to give them a shot.

“BrainCheck is quicker and more pleasant for my patients, which makes it easier for my techs. It’s a win-win for everyone.””

Brian L. Seymore, Owner
Comprehensive Neurology Care

Implementing BrainCheck

“Once we decided to get started, we were up and running by the next day,” he recounts. “Everybody was responsive and willing and professional.”

A platform that improves the testing experience (for everyone)

Since switching to BrainCheck, CNC has saved 16 hours per week administering tests. “The time that it takes a patient to complete an assessment is down to about 12 minutes [on average],” Paul says, “and it runs seamlessly.”

This has proven beneficial for all of their staff.

“Having a test that’s quick and that can be easily administered on an iPad makes testing more efficient for our techs and MAs,” he says. “More importantly, having a tool that’s reimbursable and that provides detailed clinical reports, ensures better patient care.”

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