BrainCheck Expands First End-to-End Solution for Cognitive Care

Company introduces next generation of its comprehensive platform and 3-minute screening tool at Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) conference

New research supporting BrainCheck platform to be presented at meeting convening key leaders in Alzheimer’s disease research worldwide

AUSTIN, Texas, October 24, 2023 – BrainCheck, Inc. launched the next generation of its comprehensive platform and unveiled its latest innovation, BrainCheck® Screen™, at the Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD) conference in Boston, Massachusetts from October 24-27, ahead of National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. New research supporting BrainCheck’s comprehensive digital cognitive assessment tool will also be presented at the meeting.

“More than six million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common type of dementia, but unfortunately many remain undiagnosed,” said Kim Rodriguez, CEO of BrainCheck. “Early diagnosis will help close this gap, and our platform empowers providers to easily access information on patients’ cognitive health by offering a unique solution that includes screening, assessment, care planning, and monitoring. The latest version brings cognitive care to the next level, expanding access to our technology from any device or location, in-clinic or remote. We believe passionately that earlier is better and access should not be a barrier.”

BrainCheck Platform: The Next Generation of Cognitive Care

The next generation of the BrainCheck platform allows digital cognitive testing on any internet-connected device – including phones, tablets and browsers – regardless of the patient or clinician’s location.

This latest version dramatically reduces the time required to integrate new features and enhances efficiency by reducing the bandwidth needed for testing. Offering instant software upgrades, streamlined development, and scalability, it adapts automatically based on utilization, providing a seamless user experience even during high-demand periods. With its simplified, secure test-ordering process, clinicians can easily access patient results, which are instantly integrated into electronic health records (EHR), such as athenahealth.

BrainCheck Screen: Elevating the Standard of Care with a 3-Minute Assessment

BrainCheck Screen is a simple tool that takes as little as three minutes to complete. Designed to prioritize convenience and user-friendliness, it consists of three tests evaluating several cognitive domains, and indicates whether further testing may be necessary. Validated using a dataset involving 99 individuals from a previous clinical study, BrainCheck Screen correctly identified patients with cognitive impairment with 92% sensitivity and 74% specificity. Researchers concluded BrainCheck Screen’s high sensitivity ensures minimal missed impaired cases, making it an effective pre-screening tool.

“We’ve partnered closely with BrainCheck to share our clinical experience in cognitive testing and are pleased to see our feedback integrated into this latest release. With BrainCheck Screen, we’ll be able to accurately and efficiently check cognitive health the same way we monitor blood pressure or cholesterol, allowing us to easily comply with Medicare requirements to assess cognitive function during annual wellness visits,” said Eric R. Penniman, D.O., Executive Medical Director, Summit Medical Group. “It helps us rapidly determine which patients require additional testing and enhances our patient care.”

New Research Supports BrainCheck’s Standard Battery, Assess 

The body of research supporting BrainCheck continues to grow, with two new studies reinforcing the technology’s credibility and effectiveness to be presented at the CTAD conference by researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

“These studies show not only is BrainCheck’s standard battery, Assess, on par with traditional pencil-and-paper tests, but it could potentially provide critical additional insights into the severity of impairment,” said Reza Hosseini Ghomi, MD, MSE, neuropsychiatrist and Chief Medical Officer at BrainCheck. “Our research reinforces the tool’s validity and its vital role in cognitive assessment and care planning while underscoring our dedication to delivering reliable solutions for effective assessment and monitoring of brain health.”

In the first study, titled “Comparing Psychometric Characteristics of a Computerized Cognitive Test (BrainCheck-Assess) against the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA),” researchers compared BrainCheck’s standard battery, Assess, with the widely recognized Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) to determine the extent to which they agree. Study findings revealed a strong correlation (Pearson correlation coefficient of 0.77) between BrainCheck’s standard battery, Assess, and MoCA.

The second study, titled “Identifying the Severity of Dementia Based on Cognitive Performance and Index of Independence in Basic Activities of Daily Living,” examined whether BrainCheck could effectively identify the severity of dementia in patients. Researchers found BrainCheck was able to identify a progressive decline in both cognitive and functional abilities as patients moved through the stages of dementia. This study highlights the potential of BrainCheck’s standard battery, Assess, in conjunction with functional measures to accurately assess dementia severity, emphasizing the significance of a comprehensive approach in cognitive care.

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