Can I Bill CPT Code 96132 With 96136?

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Billing multiple codes

Can I bill CPT 96132 more than once in a time span (on different dates of services)?

For each episode of test interpretation, CPT code 96132 would be billed for the first hour of activity (31-60 min). Any additional time associated with the test interpretation (i.e., report writing, patient feedback) would be billed using the add-on code 96133 for each additional hour. General practice is to bill the activity on the final date of activity associated with the test interpretation.

Can I bill CPT code 96132 with 96136?

Yes, the new coding structure separates test administration from test interpretation, by technician or professional. CPT 96136 is for test administration by the licensed professional. CPT 96132 is the separate code for test interpretation (i.e., review of history, review of test results, interpretation of results, medical decision making, and report writing).



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