Product Feature: At-Home Cognitive Assessment

With at-home cognitive assessment, physicians can protect vulnerable patients while ensuring they get the cognitive care they need.

Getting Started

BrainCheck makes at-home cognitive assessment easy:

  1. Create test takers in the Admin Portal. Be sure to include the test taker’s email address and a password. (This capability will also be available within the BrainCheck app shortly.)


    Please review and consider HIPAA security guidelines during this log in and password creation process.



  2. Next, test takers log in from their own iPad using the BrainCheck app, or on a computer at, with the credentials you provided.
  3. When test takers complete the assessment, results and reports are immediately available within the Admin Portal.

That’s it!

Don’t Let COVID-19 Interrupt Cognitive Care

Senior and geriatric patients have, thus far, faced the greatest risk from the novel coronavirus. This group must also cope with the highest risk of cognitive impairment.

Cognitive care remains important, and at-home cognitive assessments offer one way to ensure those at risk get the cognitive care they need.

As always, we will be working to continuously improve this experience. Please let us know how we can make BrainCheck’s at-home cognitive assessment feature better for you and your patients.

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DISCLAIMER: The information provided is general in nature and does not cover all situations or all payers’ rules and policies. This content is not intended to instruct medical providers on how to use or bill for healthcare procedures, including new technologies outside of Medicare national guidelines. Medical providers should consult with appropriate payers, including Medicare fiscal intermediaries and carriers, for specific information on proper coding, billing, and payment levels for healthcare procedures. This information represents no promise or guarantee by BrainCheck, Inc. concerning coverage, coding, billing, and payment levels. BrainCheck, Inc. specifically disclaims liability or responsibility for the results or consequences of any actions taken in reliance on this information.

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