BrainCheck Concussion

Our state-of-the-science, comprehensive tests assess brain functions such as attention, memory, response time, visual processing, and more, all in about 5 minutes.

Take the tests on an iPad, and we’ll show you results on the spot. Availability on more devices is coming soon!

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The BrainCheck Platform

Choose a Free, Individual, or Team plan on our website, then download BrainCheck straight to your tablet. You can also find it in the App Store.
Baseline Test
Take a baseline test before a problem occurs. You can immediately see how your brain function compares to average in our database, and store your personal results so you can track changes over time.
Personalized Tracking
Take BrainCheck tests as often as you want, especially if an injury occurs or you have a concern. Log in from anywhere to monitor changes to your brain performance over time or your recovery after an injury.
Bring your reports with you when you visit the doctor to talk about how your scores have changed over time. Our platform provides a unique continuance of care between you and the doctor's office.

BrainCheck Memory

It’s a fact of life: As people age, their cognitive abilities decline. You might already be worried about this for you or a loved one. If you’re forgetting names or where you put your keys, how can you tell whether it’s normal, or an early sign of dementia? COMING SOON

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BrainCheck Fit for Work

BrainCheck is a 5-minute, self-administered, interactive assessment that can give insight into a worker’s cognitive health. It can easily be incorporated into a company’s health toolkit. COMING SOON

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BrainCheck takes well-established neurocognitive tests and turns them into mobile interactive games, offering a snapshot of your cognitive health anytime, anywhere.

BrainCheck was developed at the Eagleman Neuroscience Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine. Recognized by the scientific community for his groundbreaking work on neurocognitive assessment, Dr. David Eagleman has authored over a hundred peer-reviewed articles and lectured at universities and hospitals nationwide. He brings neuroscience to millions through his New York Times best-selling books and media appearances, including NPR, TED, The Colbert Report, and the PBS series The Brain.

BrainCheck is currently used as a front-line tool at hospitals and clinics in the world’s largest medical center.

The Power of BrainCheck


Fast, Fun, Easy to Use

BrainCheck’s tests take about 5 minutes and can be administered by anyone. People from all walks of life — kids, seniors, and everyone in between — tell us that BrainCheck is fun!


Mobile and Secure

All data is stored on our HIPAA-compliant cloud servers. You can log in from anywhere and view results on the spot.


Backed by Neuroscience

Developed by leading neuroscientists at Baylor College of Medicine, BrainCheck takes well-established neurocognitive tests and combines them with tablet technology.


Expert Resources & Customer Support

Access trusted resources at any time. Our paid subscribers can count on the BrainCheck team to personally answer any questions that may arise.

What People Are Saying

Dr. Robert Robbins
CEO, Texas Medical Center
Maybe, one day, we’ll all have to check in with an iPad and see if we’re fit to perform surgery or operate heavy machinery. On the sports field, BrainCheck has a very clever way to assess brain functioning.
Ultimate Frisbee Athlete
I’m one of those people who’s always checking on my health, so for something like this, I definitely would have been checking it constantly. It would have at least given me peace of mind to see some kind of progress after my concussion. I wasn’t going to the doctor regularly, so having some sort of information always makes you feel better.
Leslie Schover, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist at MD Anderson
Having something like BrainCheck where you can test your abilities and see how you compare to other people your age is a great thing. It’s a little scary, but if I had a fall or I had some kind of illness where I was worried that it could affect my ability to do my job, it would be great to have the baseline and then see if I were becoming impaired.
Jeff Hancock
CEO, Rockport Contracting
It’s all about safety. BrainCheck lets me track my employees performance over time, so if we see a downward trend in an individual’s scores, we can intervene before an accident occurs.


Only about 10% of concussions are currently detected with imaging technologies, with 90% diagnosed via a patient’s symptoms, history, and description of events. By joining the BrainCheck community, you can help us leverage technology to make progress toward developing stronger, individualized treatments.