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BrainCheck’s personal plan for individuals costs $39.99 per year, or $5.99 per month, depending on your needs. For enterprise and clinical plans, we are more than happy to negotiate a price that works best for you. Fill out this form to request a quote. For sales inquiries, contact us at

BrainCheck requires your date of birth, sed, and email. Age has a significant impact on cognitive performance, which slowly declines with age. In order for BrainCheck to accurately assess your results, we must score your test relative to a population database of similarly-aged people. Sex is also important as it breaks down the population database further, allowing for more accurate comparisons at different life stages Lastly, your email is required for you to login to Braincheck, as it provides a means of contacting you should you need to reset your password.

Open the BrainCheck app on your tablet or smartphone. Create an account by entering your email and choosing a password. These will be your credentials for your account.

If you create an account as a free user, you can always upgrade to a paid account simply by clicking the “Upgrade Plan” button in the Web App. If you want to upgrade to an organization account, please contact us at

Enterprise Accounts

BrainCheck Enterprise plans are meant to support large-scale operations, such as school districts, colleges, and medical centers. Organization administrators can add groups (e.g. varsity football, JV girls soccer, etc.), along with group-specific tests administrators. The account administrator will have access to all information, and each test administrator will have access to the information for their group.

To create your account, click “Sign Up” found at the top navigation. You will be directed to a page detailing the differences in our product plans. Choose the plan and product that best suits your needs. Enter your information click “Create Account.” You can try BrainCheck for free, or choose a paid Personal plan. Continue through by clicking “Get Started” and you will see your dashboard.


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Using BrainCheck

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