There are thousands of tests available for physical health, but very few for measuring and tracking cognitive health. Specialists are difficult to access, and pencil-and-paper tests can take up to six hours to complete. Analysis of these tests is still largely subjective based on the administrator.

When cognitive problems are missed, it can lead to falls, accidents and poor satisfaction.

That’s where BrainCheck Memorycomes in

Created by leading neuroscientists at Baylor College of Medicine, BrainCheck Memory allows you to track and monitor changes in your cognitive health.

We use gold-standard neurocognitive tests and turn them into mobile games, so you, your residents and their families can be aware of early changes and take action together.

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Organizations pay an annual subscription fee per user, which covers unlimited testing and access to detailed summary reports of your residents’ performance over time.

Elevate relationships

BrainCheck Memory provides objective data that you can share with staff, family members, or physicians, so everyone’s on the same page.

Increase satisfaction

With BrainCheck Memory, your residents get to track and measure their cognitive health on their own, all while experiencing a level of independence traditional neurocognitive tests just can’t offer.

Place residents appropriately

Our brain health reports enable you and your staff to see when changes occur, so you can always ensure the best level of care.

How BrainCheck Memory works

1. Sign up

Create an account and start assessing the cognitive health of your residents — it’s that simple. Residents can use BrainCheck Memory on an iPad or computer.

2. Monitor

Compare their cognitive performance to previous results. Be aware of early changes, so you can always ensure the best level of care.

3. Share

Test results sync across all devices, so you can access scores at any time and share them with physicians or family members.

Download a sample report

See residents’ scores across seven key areas of cognitive function: working memory, cognitive processing, visual processing, reaction time, visual attention, basic reasoning and advanced reasoning.

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What is neurocognitive testing?

Research partners

BrainCheck Memory has been co-developed alongside some of the best organizations, allowing us to offer a cognitive health solution that's tailored to fit the needs of both you and your residents.

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