Product Update: Cognitive Care Planning with BrainCheck

Recent updates to the BrainCheck platform make it easier than ever to incorporate cognitive care planning into your practice. Now, BrainCheck Care™ is fully automated within the platform and patients’ care plans can be downloaded directly from the admin portal

Helping Patients Remain Independent

Cognitive care planning is an important tool for helping people with early stage cognitive impairment. Using BrainCheck’s assessment tools to establish a baseline, then creating a personalized care plan based on the results, physicians, caregivers, and patients can work together to maintain patient independence and cognitive health.

Care planning for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia is not a one-time occurence. The process should be ongoing. Organizations like the Alzheimer’s Association recommend that individual care plans should be reviewed at least once per year, and more frequently as medically necessary. 

In 2018, CMS also recognized the importance of cognitive care planning, introducing CPT® code 99483 for physicians to get reimbursed for this critical service.

Accessing Cognitive Care Plans in BrainCheck

In addition to automating our cognitive care planning tools, the organization of the admin portal has been updated, as well. The “Test Results” section in the main menu has been renamed “Results and Reports” to account for new and additional resources that can be accessed from this page. 

On the “Results and Reports” page, there are two tabs. Cognitive care plans can be found under the second tab. Under this tab, physicians can view the status of patients’ cognitive care plans, and download the plan once it is complete.

Screenshot of the BrainCheck admin portalThe Assessments tab features all of the scores and reports previously found on the “Test Results” page. The recently added Documentation Template feature can be found under this tab, as well, accessible by clicking the arrow (⌄) to expand the row for any battery. 

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DISCLAIMER: The information provided is general in nature and does not cover all situations or all payers’ rules and policies. This content is not intended to instruct medical providers on how to use or bill for healthcare procedures, including new technologies outside of Medicare national guidelines. Medical providers should consult with appropriate payers, including Medicare fiscal intermediaries and carriers, for specific information on proper coding, billing, and payment levels for healthcare procedures. This information represents no promise or guarantee by BrainCheck, Inc. concerning coverage, coding, billing, and payment levels. BrainCheck, Inc. specifically disclaims liability or responsibility for the results or consequences of any actions taken in reliance on this information.

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